New Time Orchestra

Who we are

The New Time Orchestra is a band from Brno with a typical big-band staffing, i.e. 17 people – 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, 5 saxes, and the rhythm section. Our repertoir is, on the other hand, not a standard one, as we always focus on new and fresh pieces.

Why in this style?

The big-band style of music is characterized by rich sound and energy, thanks to which it has successfully lived on stages for over 70 years. Nowadays, there is a renaissance of these big bands taking place, and beside the original swing music they often present modern pop, jazz, and even funk & rock music. This is the approach we take when preparing our programs, too.

What do they say about us?

We are happy we have recieved many rapturous references, so far, you can find some of them below...


What is prepared for you

Hana Holišová & New Time Orchestra Tour

We are nit-pickers, a little bit

Original program is not enough, we insist on precise treatment of all the details. Therefore, this is what you can expect on each of our concerts:


The best soloists

every concert features a popular and well-known singer or instrumentalist


Attractive program

all programs have a unique dramaturgy and are prepared thematically, so you can choose your evening program based on your very preferences


Professional staffing

our band members are high level professionals specializing in this style of music


Technical treatment

the perfect sound and lights on stage are a must. Therefore, we invited professionals from to co-operate on our programs